4 Special Broths:
Miso, Sho-yu
Tonkatsu and Original

A great taste you will never forget!

After sampling a variety of noodles, we decided on the medium sized noodle for its great flavor and aroma. Slow cooked broth combined with fresh noodles and flavorful toppings will have you asking for seconds. Come and enjoy the many flavors of ramen at Charley restaurant!


We have 4 special Broths for your to choose from: Miso, Sho-yu, Tonkatsu and Original

Lunch & Dinner Specials

Who wants Ramen? Who doesn't! Ramen is all the rage at Charley restaurant! Come eat the real thing.

Side Dishes

While you enjoy our special noodle soup, we would like you to try out our 15 side dishes and only start from $2.5